Wednesday, 24 March 2010


All your most dominant fears
Will vanish into the vacuum of the sky
No reason why, they just will
Because this is how it is.

Curtains of velvet colours
Suffocating your mind, nevermind
All you see is the rainbow,
That pretty little rainbow,
But no pot of gold at the end.

Your leather-clad demons
Will soon turn to stone
Leaving you in euphoria, solitary, alone
Laughing and cavorting in other dimensions
While you test out your synthetic dream invention

Come Into My Garden

Come into my garden,
The birds don’t know where to fly
The flowers just grow to die
The brickwork with every layer
Every soul gets sold to a soothsayer
The apples are sour with psychotic charm
Anything goes in this funny farm.

Come into my garden,
The dwarves are eager to scandalize
The fountains are trashed and vandalised
Your mother’s bones are under the path
The gamekeeper will greet you with wraith
The nettles are enticing and wild
And the wasps sting every child.

Two Years Ago

Pressure explodes on his heart
He could be another clone
He could sit alone in the abode of conformity
Spreading his wings then losing integrity

No, he’s not one of them
He’s not going to crack
He’s going to keep his head
He’s a lone wolf, not from the pack

Laughter torments his mind
He’s left behind the realism of a manic Monday
To his dismay, he regrets the ecstasy,
The lack of sleep, but calm he will keep

He’s 17 and he won’t look at me
All he’ll do is laugh at me
Two years on he’ll know how tough
It was to finally get his love

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Rainy Day

We stood next to the window
And watched rain fall down
Your smile blinded my eyes, though
And I began to frown

Pass the pencils from the pencil pot
And come and draw with me babe,
You need to learn to transpire
You need to show the world, babe

We watched them go to work
While we stayed inside
They slaved ,and we shirked
Our time we would bide

Pass the whiskey from the side drawer
And come and sit with me, babe
You need to learn to get along
You need to be with me babe

We read Wordsworth and Wilde
And laughed at the irony
We drank coffee warm and mild
And forgot about the tyranny

Pass the sleeping pills from my jacket
And sleep all night with me babe
You need to rest from pain and guilt
And spend the night with me babe.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Faustian Motel

Give me the keys to the Faustian Motel,
Let's have a banquet of blood
Invite the whores of hell,
Let's have a sugarbowl of coke
And a Sauvignon flood
Feast upon deviance and and watch the moon fall...
Fall to the ground like the children of 'Nam.
Adorn your faces with exquisite paints
From Atlantic whales slaughtered by saints,
Let's make a solstice fire of Borneo wood
Make the vermin homeless like they said we should.