Thursday, 11 March 2010

Rainy Day

We stood next to the window
And watched rain fall down
Your smile blinded my eyes, though
And I began to frown

Pass the pencils from the pencil pot
And come and draw with me babe,
You need to learn to transpire
You need to show the world, babe

We watched them go to work
While we stayed inside
They slaved ,and we shirked
Our time we would bide

Pass the whiskey from the side drawer
And come and sit with me, babe
You need to learn to get along
You need to be with me babe

We read Wordsworth and Wilde
And laughed at the irony
We drank coffee warm and mild
And forgot about the tyranny

Pass the sleeping pills from my jacket
And sleep all night with me babe
You need to rest from pain and guilt
And spend the night with me babe.

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