Thursday, 15 April 2010

Urban Exploration

TRESPASSING? POINTLESS? I'd say it's ingenious. Scares the shit out of you, messes your head up, I'd go and break into a derelict building instead of sniffing mcat any day...

I'm going to explore Thornseat Lodge, Bradfield, Sheffield this weekend. This will be my first urbex adventure, and I'm not sure how it will go...
Being interested in abandoned buildings is not your average hobby for a girl my age, but it gives me so much inspiration.
The South Yorkshire Asylum, AKA Middlewood Mental Hospital, used to be down the road from my house in Oughtibridge. It got demolished a few years ago, all that is left is the clock tower and part of the annex. This is the place that I would have liked to explore and photograph the most, as it is part of the local history and inspires my writing.
My parents have told me many stories about the asylum, and its escapees who often made their way around the surrounding area scaring the shit out of 'normal' people. Built in the 1800's, so many local people have been either employed or institutionalized at the asylum. There are even the more 'famous' individuals associated with the place.
Aside from writing, I've never been so interested and inspired by anything...

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