Monday, 16 August 2010

Barnsley Brawl Blues

Sweet sweet baby, I’m so glad that you came,
Oh, sweet honey, my mind is untamed,
I waited all night, all night long,
Just to see your pretty face

They jostled me around
Like a vagabond from the street
They took my body took my soul
Knocked me off my feet-

-Oh pretty baby, so glad that you came;
Eight hours of hurtin’
Eight hours of shame
Eight hours of shiverin’
And I still feel the same
But, oh honey baby,
I’m so glad that you came.

They dragged me down a corridor
When I screamed and hollered,
They bruised my skin when I tried to give in,
It cost me eighty dollars

Oh pretty baby, I’m so glad that you came;
Now I’m breathin’ okay
And my chest hurts less and less
But your friends are still laughin at me
They wouldn’t laugh if it was them

So oh pretty baby, I won’t be goin’ there again.

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