Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Its early morning, the city sleeps,
The memories of old friends she keeps,
But she is not alone, this is a new home,
A new horizon to dance, to roam

A horde of glittering girls passes her,
But their vegetable culture does not surpass her,
Blinded by their wicked shiny culture,
Repulsed by these plastic vultures.

Hands over her eyes she walks forth,
She loses sight of her own self worth,
A glassy tear runs down her cheek,
And freezes the soul of this girl so meek.

She comes home to a bountiful feast of friends,
Laughter and chaos they proceed to lend,
To the girl who waits to smile in the sun,
Panic over, and a victory won.

Now you know you will be alright,
Do not give up when faced with plight,
For here are the people that will see you through,
And a city that holds a future that is not blue.

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