Sunday, 17 January 2010


Sitting bambi-eyed on a beer sodden floor,
No sleep, no food, wasted and wounded
This lifestyle you got into soon, did
it change you? Did it rape you of your purity?
Alas, the ecstatic excess has faded,
Like harrowing mist rising from a purple moor

You saw me decay piece by piece
As each line shot up my nose
You saw my birth, death, and false mirth
That I escaped into to hide from myself.
You lie and smile, but I go home weeping,
At the very sight of my own reflection.

Did I warn you of my unfortunate smile?
I hope I kept it hidden for a while,
Until the next line shoots up my nose
I will shade you from my tears and woes
And smile and laugh and forget that I’m…

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