Thursday, 7 January 2010


When I write, I often delve into my childlike imagination and think of monumental buildings, eccentric architecture and vast, decaying gardens.
These themes played a prominent role in my childhood, as I often had recurring nightmares involving strange buildings. 'Nettie' is the first part of a short story I wrote about a recurring childhood nightmare. I was seven, and the dream happens exactly how Nettie's dream happens. The second part involves a crazy woman that lives in the house (which, i think, stemmed from my fascination with The Priory in Oughtibridge), chasing me and my dog Lucy off the property.
I have always been interested in grand buildings, partiularly those that are unkempt and neglected, there is a certain charm and character that will always inspire me.
Examples are;
The Overlook Hotel in 'The Shining'
The Marsten House in 'Salem's Lot'
Miss Havisham's house in 'Great Expectations'
Mistlethwaite Manor in 'The Secret Garden'
The Priory, Oughtibridge, Sheffield
An unknown mansion in Wigtwizzle, near High Bradfield, Sheffield.

It makes you wonder what the history is behind these places, who lives there and why are they so neglected.

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  1. the architecture is so beautiful with these style of houses and buildings, and I am the same way with wondering why they would have been so neglected!